Artist: Rotten Sound
Album: Cycles
Year: 2008
Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore
Country: Finland
Format: MP3 VBR
Preview: n/a

Tracklist: Band Info:
01. The Effects
02. Praise The Lord
03. Blind
04. Units
05. Corponation
06. Colonies
07. Poor
08. Days To Kill
09. Deceit
10. Caste System
11. Alternews
12. Simplicity
13. Enigma
14. Decimate
15. Victims
16. Sold Out
17. Feet First
18. Trust
Keijo Niinimaa — Vocals
Mika Aalto — Guitar
Sami Latva — Drums
Toni Pihlaja — BassWEB:

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