BEYOND THE DREAM «The Sin Against The Sinners»

Artist: Beyond The Dream
Album: The Sin Against The Sinners
Year: 2009
Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland
Format: MP3 320
Preview: YouTube

Tracklist: Band Info:
01. Foreword
02. Beautiful Little Storm
03. Ambassador
04. Fading Stern
05. Masquerade in Eden
06. Blinded
07. Banished from Wonderland
08. Freewill as a Souvenir
09. Lullaby for the Sleeping World
10. ...There My Heart Should Be
11. Mental Image on Fear
12. Engaged with the Wind
13. When Man Exists No More
Harri Kauppinen — Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Ville Silvast — Drums
Otto Närhi — Keyboard
Teemu Liekkala — Guitar
Petteri Kattainen — Bass

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