Artist: Billy Sheehan
Album: Holy Cow
Year: 2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: USA
Format: MP3 VBR


01. In A Week Or Two (I'll Give It Back To You)
02. Dynamic Exhilaration (Feat. Paul Gilbert)
03. A Lit'l Bit'l Do It To 'ya Ev'ry Time (Feat. Billy F. Gibbson)
04. A Bloodless Casualty
05. Make It To Another Day (I Keep Rolling On My Way)
06. Another Broken Promise
07. Just Another Humanoid
08. Turning Point (Feat. Dug Pinnick)
09. Two People Can Keep A Secret (If One Of Them Is Dead)
10. Theme From An Imaginary Sci Fi
11. Cell Towers

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