LIFESCAPES «Celtic Bagpipes»

Artist:   Dirk Freymuth, Laura MacKenzie
Album:   Lifescapes: Celtic Bagpipes
Year:   1997
Genre:   Folk, Celtic
Format:   MP3 256


01. March Of The King Of Laoise
02. The Steampacket (A Cup Of Tea/The Glass Of Beer/The Steam Packet)
03. Scotland The Brave (Faugh A ballagh/Scotland The Brave/The Forty Two/Itchy Fingers)
04. Roxburgh Castle (Roxburgh Castle/Hesleyside/Walker Street)
05. Heather Island (Heather Island/Cameron's Strathspey/The Ale Is Dear)
06. Breton Suite Montagne
07. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore/One Morning In May)
08. The Rowan Tree (The Rowan Tree/Lads Of Alnwick/Drops Of Brandy)
09. Ye Banks And Braes (Ye Banks And Braes/Scots Wha Hae/A Man's A Man For That)
10. Trip To Galicia (Galician March And Jig)
11. The Mill (The Mill/Mount Your Baggage/Pawky Adam Glen)
12. The Piper's Welcome
13. The Irish Washerwoman (The Irish Washerwoman/The Hag At The Churn/Humors Of Whiskey/Ellis Kelly's Delight)
14. Amazing Grace (Amazing Grace/Killaloe)

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