MUMAKIL «Behold The Failure»

Artist:   Mumakil
Album:   Behold The Failure
Year:   2009
Genre:   Death Metal, Grindcore
Country:   Switzerland
Format:   MP3 320


01. Brothers In Slavery
02. Barbecue In Bhopal
03. Get Wasted Or Die
04. Black Sheep
05. Whip Reward
06. The Eye Of Wrath
07. Control
08. State Of War
09. The Order Is Fucked Up
10. I-Bomb
11. Useless Fucks
12. Without Grief
13. Pigs On Fire
14. Worms Of Chaos
15. Daily Punishment
16. Pisskeeper
17. Behold The Failure
18. Regression
19. Wish You The Worst
20. Let There Be Meat
21. Parasites
22. In Cold Blood
23. Face Reality
24. Apathy
25. Crawler
26. Mass Murder Institution
27. Doomed

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