RAGE «The Missing Tracks» 2CD

Artist:   Rage
Album:   The Missing Tracks (2CD)
Year:   2009
Genre:   Speed Metal, Power Metal
Country:   Germany
Format:   MP3 320


01. Darkness Turns To Light
02. French Bouree
03. Fugue #5
04. Mystery Trip
05. Don't Fear The Winter
06. Six Feel Under
07. End Of Eternity
08. Immortal Sin (Acoustic)
09. Another Wasted Day
10. Tom Sawyer
11. Jawbreaker
12. The Trooper
13. The Sleep
14. How We Treat Each Other
15. Tie The Rope
16. Forgive But Don't Forget
17. La Luna Reine
18. Chase
19. Brainsucker

01. Beyond The Pale
02. I Can't Control Myself
03. Truth Hits Everybody
04. Another Kind Of Madness
05. Marching Heroes The Wooden Cross
06. Innocent Guilty
07. Mirror
08. Law And Order
09. From The Underworld (Live)
10. On The Edge (Live)
11. Light Into The Darkness
12. Dust (Acoustic)
13. Woman (Acoustic)
14. Shame On You (Acoustic)
15. Not Forever (Acoustic)
16. The Body Talks (Acoustic)
17. Invisible Horizons (Acoustic)
18. Full Moon

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2 комментария to “RAGE «The Missing Tracks» 2CD”

  1. Боцман Says:

    Добротный немецкий heavy!

  2. SSD Says:

    Ага. Образчик качества тяжметдойчпрома 😉