EPICA «The Classical Conspiracy» 2CD

Artist:   Epica
Album:   The Classical Conspiracy (2CD)
Year:   2009
Genre:   Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
Country:   Netherlands
Format:   MP3 VBR


CD1 (Classical Set):
01. Palladium
02. Dies Irae
03. Ombra Mai Fu
04. Adagio
05. Spiderman Medley
06. Presto
07. Montagues & Capulets
08. The Imperial March
09. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
10. Unholy Trinity
11. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
12. Pirates Of The Caribbean
13. Indigo
14. The Last Crusade
15. Sensorium
16. Quietus
17. Chasing The Dragon
18. Feint

CD2 (Epica Set):
01. Never Enough
02. Beyond Belief
03. Cry For The Moon
04. Safeguard To Paradise
05. Blank Infinity
06. Living A Lie
07. The Phantom Agony
08. Sancta Terra
09. Illusive Consensus
10. Consign To Oblivion

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