1349 «Revelations Of The Black Flame» 2CD

Artist:   1349
Album:   Revelations Of The Black Flame (2CD)
Year:   2009
Genre:   Black Metal
Country:   Norway
Format:   MP3 VBR


01. Invocation
02. Serpentine Sibilance
03. Horns
04. Maggot Fetus... Teeth Like Thorns
05. Misanthropy
06. Uncreation
07. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
08. Solitude
09. At The Gate

CD2: Works Of Fire: Forces Of Hell - Live Stockholm 2005
o1. Hellfire
o2. Chasing Dragon
o3. Satanic Propaganda
o4. I Am Abomination
o5. Manifest
o6. Slaves To Slaughter

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