MANOWAR «Thunder In The Sky» 2CD

Artist:   Manowar
Album:   Thunder In The Sky (2CD)
Year:   2009
Genre:   Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Country:   USA
Format:   MP3 256


01. Thunder In The Sky
02. Let The Gods Decide
03. Father
04. Die With Honor (Edit Version)
05. The Crown And The Ring (Metal Version)
06. God Or Man

01. Tatko (Father - Bulgarian Version)
02. Otac (Father - Croatian Version)
03. Isä (Father - Finnish Version)
04. Mon Père (Father - French Version)
05. Vater (Father - German Version)
06. Πατερα (Father - Greek Version)
07. Apa (Father - Hungarian Version)
08. Padre (Father - Italian Version)
09. 父 (Father - Japanese Version)
10. Far (Father - Norwegian Version)
11. Ojciec (Father - Polish Version)
12. Pai (Father - Portuguese Version)
13. Tată (Father - Romanian Version)
14. Padre (Father - Spanish Version)
15. Baba (Father - Turkish Version)

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