TWISTED SISTER «Stay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition)» 2CD

Artist:   Twisted Sister
Album:   Stay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition) 2CD
Year:   2009
Genre:   Heavy Metal
Country:   USA
Format:   MP3 VBR


01. Stay Hungry
02. We're Not Gonna Take It
03. Burn In Hell
04. Horror-Teria (The Beginning): a) Captain Howdy; b) Street Justice
05. I Wanna Rock
06. The Price
07. Don't Let Me Down
08. The Beast
09. S.M.F.

01. Death From Above
02. Prime Motivator
03. We're Not Gonna Take It (Early Demo)
04. Death Run
05. This One's For You
06. S.M.F. (Early Demo)
07. We're Coming On
08. Call My Name
09. Burn In Hell (Early Demo)
10. Pay The Price
11. What's Love Without You
12. Our Voice Will Be Heard
13. You Got To Fight
14. The Price (Early Demo)
15. Stay Hungry (Early Demo)
16. KMET Radio Spot
17. 30 (New Recording)
18. Lollipop Guild (Hidden Track)

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3 комментария to “TWISTED SISTER «Stay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition)» 2CD”

  1. Боцман Says:

    Это же моё детство!!!!!! )))))

  2. SSD Says:

    Twisted Sister — лучшее средство для шокирования родителей в далеких 80-х 🙂

  3. Боцман Says:

    Блин, сразу вспоминаю журнал «Ровесник», там отрывки из его книги печатались)))))))