BONFIRE «You Make Me Feel: The Ballads» 2CD

Artist:   Bonfire
Album:   You Make Me Feel: The Ballads (2CD)
Year:   2009
Genre:   Hard Rock, Melodic Metal
Country:   Germany
Format:   MP3 VBR


01. You Make Me Feel (2008 Version)
02. Give It A Try
03. Who's Foolin' Who
04. I'd Love You To Want Me
05. Let Me Be Your Water
06. Friends
07. I Don't Want You
08. Blink Of An Eye
09. Feels Like Comin' Home
10. Why Is It Never Enough
11. Right Now
12. Southern Winds
13. Rivers Of Glory
14. Love Don't Lie
15. You Are All
16. You Make Me Feel

01. The First Cut Is The Deepest
02. If It Wasn't For You
03. Rock'N'Roll Cowboy
04. Feel's Like Comin' Home (Piano Version)
05. I Need You
06. Proud Of My Country (Acoustic Version)
07. Before We Say Good Bye
08. Good Night Amanda
09. Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood
10. Love Don't Lie (Acoustic Mix)
11. Charlie Und Louise
12. Rock'N'Roll Cowboy (Spanish Version)
13. Komm Her
14. Rock'N'Roll Cowboy
15. Verdammt Was Will Ich
16. Domo Arigato

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