ACYLUM «The Enemy» 2CD

Artist:   Acylum
Album:   The Enemy [2CD]
Year:   2009
Genre:   Dark Electro, EBM
Country:   Germany
Format:   MP3 VBR


01. The Enemy (Kopf Durch Die Wand)
02. Raise Your Fist
03. Hetzjagt
04. Torture Tactics
05. Crazy
06. Lightning Child
07. ES
08. Zyklon B
09. A.C.H.H. (Vs. Haushetaere)
10. Run Away
11. Wynard
12. Schmerzpervers
13. Kategorie C
14. Drive By
15. Friends With The Head Into The Wall

01. Torture Tactics (Ice Ages Remix)
02. Crazy (FGFC820 Remix)
03. Drive By (Leaether Strip Version)
04. Raise Your Fist (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
05. Alone (Haushetaere Version)
06. Schmerzpervers (Asseptic Room Remix)
07. Lightning Child (Dym's Dying Is Modern Remix)
08. Torture Tactics (Von Thronstahl Remix)
09. Drive By (Supreme Court Remix)
10. Lightning Child (Cephalgy Remix)
11. Torture Tactics (Preemptive Strike 0.1 Remix)
12. Crazy (F.O.D. Remix)
13. Torture Tactics (Industriegebeit Remix)
14. Torture Tactics (Implant Remix)
15. Raise Your Fist (Misanthrop & Nervbreaker Mix)

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