VA «Rock Hard: Dynamit Vol. 68»

Artist:   Various Arists
Album:   Rock Hard: Dynamit Vol. 68
Year:   2009
Genre:   Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal... etc.
Country:   International
Format:   MP3 VBR


01. Hordes To War - Immortal
02. As Horizons End (Edit) - Paradise Lost
03. Forsake What I Believed (Edit) - Brainstorm
04. Still Unbroken - Lynyrd Skynyrd
05. Hang Him High - Hypocrisy
06. Urge The Greed Of Gain (Live) - Destruction
07. A Horse Called Golgotha (Edit) - Baroness
08. Das Land Der Vollidioten - Frei.Wild
09. Resign To Surrender (A New Age Dawns - Part IV) (Edit) - Epica
10. Stigmata (Edit) - Dark Funeral
11. Prayer - Gorgoroth
12. Carnage Victory (Edit) - Sacred Steel
13. The Wolves Are On The Prowl - Path Of Golconda
14. ...Lies - Suicidal Angels
15. Collateral Carnage - Contradiction
16. No Remorse - Toxpack

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